Music Room:

Separate music room lends an era of peace and serenity in the hearts of listeners. The sole purpose being the development of their aesthetic sense and train them in vocal and instrumental music.

Art Room:

Well decorated and colourful art room has been set up that cater to the creative talents of budding artists. Students get to unleash their activities in this room and seek guidance from their art teacher.

Dance Room

School also concentrates on students’ other skills, they learn various dance forms like folk, classical, western and fusion.


Medical Room:

Medical rooms are setup for an emergency purpose. Health check-up of students is done with the approval of parents by outsourced doctors e.g general check up, dental check-up, eye check-up etc.

Integrated Computer Lab

The school has integrated computer lab, completely equipped with networking to provide education with global prospective. Computers have been installed with latest software, local area networks (LAN) and main frame networks.

Students and school staff show keen interest on workstations to plan, organize and operations of information system and electronic data processing (EDP). It also provides access to varied application/database software.

Moreover, student’s records are also maintained with database, electronically. Students are given exposure to computer programming, networking, software, data processing and different computer languages through prescribed curriculum.

Students and staff go there regularly for computer system development and operations.