Tiny Tots

The World of Tiny Tots

The school’s Pre-Primary wing is located on the ground floor equipped with modern amenities, simple decor and colourful two seater furniture, large and airy rooms with open play areas. It is most attractive part of the school. The Young buddies are handled very tenderly and lovingly by well trained and experienced teachers. The whole curriculum in this wing has been designed on ‘Activity Based’. It helps to develop their” psycho motor’ and cognitive abilities. This cognitive environment helps the students to come out with their unique personalities. The main focus is to make each child understand basic concept through: “Play Based” activities. The students enjoy learning by doing various activities such as clay modeling, art and craft. The teachers make them learn different concepts by making them enact different role and wear different fancy dresses. Various activities like group singing, dancing with the tune, story telling etc. help them to explore their talent. Occasionally outdoor trips and picnics are organized for amusement and recreation.